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Couples Counseling

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Couples counseling, or couples therapy, helps couples - married or unmarried - identify and resolve conflicts in their relationship.

Couples counseling typically includes both partners but can be helpful for one partner as well. Your specific counseling needs will depend on your unique situation.

Answers to common questions about couples and marriage counseling are below. If you have other questions or need to schedule an appointment, please call (641) 423-4724 or contact us for an appointment today.

How will couples counseling help me?

Couples seek marriage counseling for a variety of reasons.

Some couples seek to strengthen the bonds between them and gain a better understanding of each other. Others want help with issues of conflict in their relationships.

Working with me can help you learn new thinking to develop new skills you need to improve your relationship. These skills will help you achieve:

  • More open communication …
  • Solving problems together …
  • Discussing differences rationally and respectfully …

You'll learn to assess what is going on, what needs to happen, and develop a plan to achieve your goals.

How does counseling work?

Counseling begins with an initial meeting to gather facts and learn about the history of your relationship.

Then, I work with you to harness your strengths and develop a plan to address your relationship’s needs.

Pre-marriage Counseling

Pre-wedding counseling can ease stress and help make what should be the happiest day of your life much more enjoyable.

Counseling can help couples achieve a better understanding of each other, set healthy patterns for respectful communication with each other, and resolve issues prior to marriage.

I will help you discover how to be realistic about each other's needs, how to avoid hurting one another, how to de-escalate conflicts and deal with differences. This forms a base for a long, healthy, and happy marriage.

Troubled Relationships Counseling

If you have a troubled relationship, seeking help is more effective than ignoring your problems or hoping they get better on their own.

Some of the issues couples face include:

  • Communication problems
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Conflicts about child rearing
  • Substance abuse
  • Financial problems
  • Anger
  • Infidelity, and
  • Divorce

* A word on domestic abuse:

Couples or marriage counseling may be helpful in cases of domestic abuse.

However, if violence has escalated to the point that you're afraid, counseling alone will not be enough to address the problem.

Contact police or a local shelter or crisis center for immediate help.

Where is your office and what are your hours?

My office is located at 125 4th Street NW in Mason City, Iowa.

I have daytime and early evening appointments available. Please call (641) 423-4724 or use my convenient appointment form for availability.

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