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Family Stress Counseling

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Sometimes families find it hard to share their concerns and feelings with one another and problems with communication can arise.

This may happen when someone is afraid of saying the wrong thing, afraid of bringing up a topic at the wrong time, afraid they will upset their loved one, or afraid of facing the possibility of losing their loved one.

Family stress can be caused by many things ...

The most common causes of stress in family life are finances, work and health.

Finances are most often cited for stress in family life. If you have money problems, your family will tend to live in a perpetual state of stress.

Work and lack of job security may add to family stress as well. Many people feel trapped in dead-end jobs with no opportunity for advancement. They work long hours, make minimum wage and struggle to pay the bills.

Children are another source of stress. Pre-teen and teenage children are already going through a natural period of stress. Parents may worry about their teens becoming involved with alcohol or drugs, or hanging with the wrong crowd. They worry about their education, and providing for their needs and their safety.

Responsibility or taking on too many responsibilities is another major cause of stress in family life. Some people find it difficult to say no. Sometimes it's more than they can handle.

Health can be a cause of stress as people age or develop health problems.

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