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An American Psychological Association (APA) survey found ...

...three quarters of people have experienced physical symptoms as a result of stress, such as headache, fatigue, and an upset stomach in combination with feelings of irritability, anger, nervousness and lack of motivation." 2007 nationwide poll, American Psychological Association

One contributing factor in workplace stress comes from the pressures associated with today's "connected world".

E-mail, cell phones and the Internet are making it increasingly difficult to "switch off" from the stresses of the workplace, making it difficult for workers to concentrate on their personal priorities.

Over half of the APA survey respondents reported that job demands interfered with family or home responsibilities.

Stress at work may have negative effects on other parts of your life and can have a huge impact on your overall mental health.

Stress at work can cause mental health problems including anxiety, depression, and irritability.

Work-related stress has seen a significant rise over the past decade, with a sputtering economy, job layoffs and general uncertainty in the job market.

These problems have a profound effect on marital, family, and social relationships.

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